Types of Events Perfect For Indoor Golf

Those of you in Omaha, Nebraska looking for a great place to host an event should consider an indoor golf center. At X-Golf Omaha, we have a facility ready for your next event where indoor golf is a central attraction.

What type of event are you planning? Take a look at the events our Omaha facility can host and why indoor golf is such a great theme for many kinds of gatherings.

Indoor Golfing Bays

Birthday Parties

There isn’t a more perfect place to host a birthday party than at our Omaha indoor golf center. Thanks to a full bar on-site and food & drink packages available from nearby Chipotle, you have everything you need to host the perfect party.


This is also excellent for a golf lover. Our indoor golf technology gives you the feel of being on a real golf course. At the same time, it complements the outdoor experience thanks to how vivid the technology is.

Your party guests will be thoroughly entertained and engaged every minute playing indoor golf, especially if the birthday theme is centered around the game.

Corporate Events

Any kind of corporate event that focuses on golf makes X-Golf Omaha a prime choice as venue. Whether it’s CEOs of your company gathering, or employees, they’ll all be impressed with our indoor golf technology.

When you’re striving for engagement at a corporate event, playing indoor golf is also excellent as a way to start conversation. You’ll be fully engrossed playing indoor golf, which only leads to more enriching discussions if involving complex business matters.

We have seven golf simulators besides, giving plenty of space for multiple people to take part playing indoor golf. Our facility also holds up to over 100 people, allowing you to hold a major corporate event without feeling like you’re cramped for space. Best yet, we have a separate area away from the golf simulators for other activities.

Open Free Space for Omaha Events

Sports Team Watch Parties

Any college, professional, or world cup golf teams in the Omaha area will find X-Golf Omaha a top destination to meet up. You can follow all your favorite golf tournaments in our facilities, plus play in our golf simulators to practice skills.

Private bay options are available for these parties as well so certain groups of people can hold gatherings separate from others. However, there isn’t anything like group sports team watches in our Omaha location.

Chances are, your team will be inspired watching a golf tournament. Being able to play in our golf simulators right after offers opportunity to learn how to be a better player.

Full Service Bar

Wedding Parties

Any newly wedded couple who enjoys golf will find everything to love in our Omaha venue. As just an enjoyable venue, we have everything you need, including a large parking lot for multiple attendees.

Adding indoor golf simulators as part of the after-party wedding ceremonies will get everyone involved. While some may want music and dancing, any wedded couple with like-minded golf fans will find the simulators fun and challenging.

We also have rental clubs available to help give the feel of being right on the course. For the bride and groom, it’ll almost feel like a honeymoon on a beautiful golf course.

A Wedding Party at X-Golf Omaha

Family Night Out

Those of you looking to find something fun to do with your family in the Omaha area can’t go wrong visiting X-Golf Omaha. As you can see, we have everything you need to make a family night out a truly great time for everyone.

If you want to get your kids into golf, this is the best way to prove to them how fun the game is. They’ll get a virtually real experience of what it’s like to be on a golf course. At the same time, they’ll be already on the journey toward becoming a skilled player thanks to our simulators. Learning how to swing is vital, and you can learn here with a real-world feel.

For yourself, as a parent, you’ll also be thoroughly entertained at how real our simulators are. All of that can be enjoyed via quality time with your kids. There isn’t a better way to spend time, including having access to food from nearby Chipotle.

Doing this in place of going to a restaurant is worth all the time you’ll spend with us.

Church Group Meetings/Events

Even church groups will find a lot to like in our X-Golf Omaha setting. Golf is a universal sport that all love. Any church group will love the golf simulators, providing a great way to stay engaged and have fun together.

Since our facility can be used for other things, your church group meeting can take place first. Afterward, everyone will have a ball playing simulated golf into late hours.

A lot of life and spiritual lessons can be learned in the game of golf. Providing that experience through our simulators helps your church members in life while learning how to master challenges.

Family Reunions

How about holding an upcoming family reunion at our indoor golf facility? You may have a big family reunion planned in the Omaha area, yet haven’t decided on a venue yet. X-Golf Omaha is once again a top choice for group engagement.

When it comes to family reunions, finding ways to break the ice is always important. Our golf simulators are excellent for getting conversation going, not including providing loads of fun.

There isn’t a better way to get to know relatives again by playing simulated golf with them. What makes this even better is you don’t have to worry about inclement weather on a real golf course.

Date Night

Perhaps you’ve just hooked up with someone and want a unique place to have your first date. Our golf facility is the place for you for a truly fun dating experience.

Why bother going to a restaurant where you have to hold conversation at a table? Playing indoor golf with our simulators keeps you engaged and conversing every minute. Plus, you’ll be having fun and bonding at the same time.

Playing simulated golf is the best way to get to know someone and whether you’ll want to keep dating them.

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