Omaha Local Tournaments

Those who want to increase their chance at winning a prize should consider participating in our local Omaha indoor golf tournaments. The reason being that it will allow them to compete at the local level with more opportunities to fight it out amongst people of a similar skill level. Our local, Omaha, indoor golf tournaments offer both net and gross flight that provide all players with a better chance to win.

The prizes for each individual tournament come in the form of gift cards. Through a season long scoring system, players will compete for a X-Golf Membership (worth $500). So, if you want to be involved with indoor golf tournaments and have the best chance to win, these local tournaments are the way to go.


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X-Golf National Tournaments

These are a series of events that involve collecting points at each event as part of the overall competition. Each individual event will have its own prizes, but your overall goal is to collect as many points as possible to put yourself on track for the bigger prizes that await you if you end up as the points champion overall.

People who compete in the national tournaments are among the best X-golf players out there, so you should be prepared for some heavy competition. After all, the grand prize for the 2022/2023 national tournament is a golf trip to Cabo!

X-Cup Indoor Golf Tournament Schedule
X-Cup Indoor Golf Tournament Series Scoring System