TopGolf vs. X-Golf: An Unbiased Comparison of Both Indoor Golf Facilities

Gone are the days when poor weather was a major constraint for golf lovers. Thanks to the indoor golf facilities popping up nationwide, golfers can still enjoy the game without worrying about external elements.

Still, many golfers struggle to know the best indoor golf facilities to attend due to the numerous excellent options available. In this post, we do an unbiased review of two of the best indoor golfing facilities right now – TopGolf and X-Golf to help you make an informed decision.

Factors Considered when Comparing Both Indoor Entertainment Golf Facilities

This comparison between TopGolf and X-Golf indoor facilities is primarily based on the overall experience at the two locations. The factors taken into account were concluded based on research, experience at both facilities, and reviews from other people. They include:


Most TopGolf arenas contain three floors. The cost of golfing depends on the floor you rent a booth on, the week you rent, and the time of day of renting. On average, expect to pay anything from $30 to $75 an hour at a Top Golf indoor facility from Monday through Sunday.

Similarly, X-Golf uses the same approach in their pricing. Prices at the X-Golf indoor golfing facility in Denver range from $35 to $65 per hour from Monday to Sunday depending on the time of reservation and location.


TopGolf is open every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday. Opening hours are from 9 a.m. for most Top Golf facilities, while the closing is around 12 midnight to 1 a.m.

X-Golf, on the other hand, opens from Monday to Sunday at 10 a.m. and closes around midnight. Golfers can maximize their time at both locations, especially those working during the day.

Golf Experience Needed

Anyone can play at TopGolf, including those picking up their clubs for the first time and aspiring professional golfers. Most of the targets at the facility are easy to score and even have microchipped balls that score themselves, whereas more difficult challenges also exist for experienced golfers.

X-Golf offers various game modes, from easy to difficult, to make it enjoyable. Players need no experience, as you only have to press a console button at the back of the booth, and the ball rolls out to the hole containing the tee.


TopGolf provides a selection of right-handed clubs on the bay. You only need to wave the club over a sensor, and a ball rolls out onto the mat. A touch screen is also mounted onto the wall where you can create a user profile, set up your game, monitor points, and add more game time if you wish. Most of the balls used to play are microchipped for easier tracking and scoring.

X-Golf uses proprietary technology to take game readings. From the minute the ball leaves the zone, a combination of technologies, including high-speed cameras, impact sensors, and infrared lasers, calculate the path, trajectory, angle of attack, and velocity, among other factors. The results such as the club head speed, club path, angle, spin rate, and carry distance appear on the display screen to help measure your progress.

Short Game

Top Golf has a comprehensive course. However, the indoor simulator lacks a putting/chipping practice mode feature, so you can’t practice your putts without playing the full game. What’s more, Top Golf doesn’t offer many shots inside the 50-yard range, and you usually hit on an elevated surface on levels two and three.

X-Golf allows you to practice specific aspects of your game through the putting feature. Every putt over seven feet is made on a green, multi-surface hitting mat that resembles an outdoor golf course. As such, you can practice as many chips and intermediate wedge shorts as needed to improve your game.

Swing Improvement Ability

The TopGolf indoor golfing facility contains bay areas where you can practice your swing and improve over time. Data from the golf simulator allows you to measure different swing components and get better over time.

On the other hand, X-Golf provides data that allows you to improve your golf swing. The screen shows various aspects of your swing, from the impact angle that tells you if you’re swinging too far from the inside or outside to the ball direction, which shows you if the club is closed or open, and the smash factor that reveals how well you connected with the ball.

X-Golf also has a PGA instructor who can help you with your swing/game and dissect your swing data. Our instructor can even help with course management, watching you play through holes on the simulator. All these aspects help make your swing better.


TopGolf contains a bar and restaurant that serves a selection of beverages, such as beers and cocktails. Beers are the largest on the menu, with different brews present, while their classic cocktail list only offers select options like the TopGolf custom-made Bloody Mary.

X-Golf has food and bars with different beverage options to quench your thirst. You can choose from a wide range of beers, cocktails, specialty shots of your favorite spirits, and wine assortments from red to white.

Group Party Options

TopGolf can host large groups for parties. From party rooms to private and semi-private rooms and other hitting bays, there’s lots of space to host any party, whether a holiday party, birthday party or special event. Plus, all rooms come with HDTVs, A/V capabilities, and WiFi.

X-Golf has a big enough venue to host from 10 to 200 people for corporate events, birthday parties, bachelor (ette) parties, family gatherings, and golf tournaments. Regardless of the group, expect a blast with group custom packages that include playing golf and food and beverage options.

Course Options

TopGolf offers various course packages suitable for beginners and experienced golfers who want to improve specific areas of their game. The courses offered at the facility equip you with skills to apply on the real-life course.

Whether you’re missing too many greens and fairways or having trouble making consistent contact, X-Golf provides a comprehensive course that helps you understand where to improve. A PGA professional will go over the entire game with you, helping you diagnose problems and find solutions to improve your overall game. You also receive regular game analytics that helps measure progress.

The Verdict: TopGolf or X-Golf?

Both TopGolf and X-Golf indoor golf facilities are excellent options for golfers. However, they differ in various aspects, including cost, technology, swing practicability, and course options. Prices at X-Golf are more affordable, while practicing is much easier there. There is also a wider variety of beverages X-Golf than TopGolf. Contact us at X-Golf to learn more about our indoor golf services.